About Good Cause Marketing Partners

Where Passion for Effective Marketing Meets Dedication to Societal Impact

At Good Cause Marketing Partners, we stand proud as a leading boutique integrated marketing communications agency, tailor-made for the unique demands of both businesses and nonprofits. Our vision is crystallized in our relentless pursuit to weave compelling narratives that enhance visibility and foster growth.

Our Expertise Spans a Range of Specialized Areas

Strategy & Branding

Shaping identities that capture attention, resonate, and linger.

Marketing & Communications

Creating campaigns that target and persuade audiences.

Digital & Social Media

Harnessing the virtual sphere for tangible results.

Partnerships & Community Engagement

Connecting and collaborating for amplified impact.

Our Approach at Good Cause Marketing Partners

Every collaboration with Good Cause Marketing Partners promises a holistic approach. We are not just about marketing; we are about creating a ripple effect. Through meticulous positioning and strategy, we endeavor to shape public perceptions, stir emotions, and encourage actions that resonate with your brand values.

Our philosophy for every project is underpinned by three cardinal principles:

  1. Unified Brand Experience: Enable brands to be consistent, recognizable, and memorable.
  2. Vision-Driven Community Building: Construct a brand community that rallies around a shared vision.
  3. Strategic Enterprise Framework: Architect a consolidated marketing framework that aligns seamlessly with a company’s ethos.

The heart of any organization lies in its mission and vision. Recognizing this, we ensure all branding, marketing, and communication endeavors are tuned to echo these sentiments. As guardians of your brand, we understand the nuances of modern consumers, who are as invested in a company’s ethos as they are in its offerings. This understanding drives us to craft each communication piece as an ambassador of your brand’s core messages.

In an era dominated by information overload, we champion the art of timely and relevant messaging, reaching out to audiences precisely when and where they should be reached. Transparency, continuous learning, and unwavering accountability guide our every move, ensuring our strategies are not just efficient but progressively innovative.

Meet Matt Midura

Founder of Good Cause Marketing Partners

Matt is a brand strategist, marketer, and producer with more than 25 years of experience in the planning, development, execution, and measurement of strategic marketing and communications initiatives in the corporate, nonprofit and education sectors. He is a creative and collaborative problem-solver with a proven track record for delivering results.

Matt is an active member within the community, serving on several boards including the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Conejo Valley Community Foundation, and the Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise. He was named volunteer of the year by the Chamber in 2015 and served as board chair in 2016.

Matt and his family have lived in Westlake Village since 2004.

Matt Midura

Let’s Craft Your Story Together

Every brand has a unique narrative, and every cause has the power to impact. With Good Cause Marketing Partners, you’re not just getting a marketing campaign; you’re gaining a dedicated partner in sharing your story with the world. Dive into a partnership where passion, expertise, and genuine commitment come together to create waves of change.